Thursday, 18 August 2016

Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Scoliosis

Scoliosis is term used to describe an abnormal spine curvature. Normally the

spine is straight, but when scoliosis occurs, the spine can bent in various

ways. The form of scoliosis occurring in children is referred as Idiopathic

Scoliosis. It is a condition or disease with no known cause. It rarely causes

pain and doesn’t even require any treatment.

Here are some of the interesting facts that you need to know about scoliosis.

Adults can have one of two types of scoliosis

There are two types of scoliosis that are found in adults. One is idiopathic

scoliosis that is commonly seen in adults. This curve if not treated on time,

progresses and begins to cause symptoms in adulthood. The second type of

scoliosis diagnosed in adults is degenerative scoliosis. In this, wear and tear

caused on the back due to aging leads to the development of curve on the


Smoking can give rise of Scoliosis

There are small things you can do yourself for treating scoliosis. Smoking

can have a great impact on your back. Quitting smoking can prevent back

and neck problems thus rooting scoliosis at its very beginning.

Early diagnosis

Parents should make sure that their children receive regular checkups so that

conditions like Scoliosis is diagnosed and treated at the right time. Timely

management can prevent bigger curves from forming at the time of the

growth. Since, it hardly causes pain, so the problem may go unnoticed if not

diagnosed on time.

No need to put an end to physical exercises

Many times people suffering from Scoliosis are told to limit their physical

activities. But the fact is that more physically active the individual is, faster

it will be cured. If you are overweight, then exercising for weight loss can

help to reduce Scoliosis Symptoms.

Some cases of Scoliosis require a deep observation, while others can be

treated with the braces or surgery. All what you require is its early diagnosis

and timely treatment.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Dealing with back pain in Scoliosis

A healthy spine is straight to look from the front or the back. However, the patient with Scoliosis has curved spine instead of straight. The problem can be defined as a lateral deviation of the spine. The problem is common with the people of all age groups.

In extreme cases, the spine develops into an S-shape. This causes pain. However, some describe the discomfort bothersome, while others describe it as a constant and severe ache that even deprives them from sleep.

In most of the cases, patients suffer from unbearable back pain in Scoliosis. With aging, the spine loses its structural stability and develops curvatures that lead to back pain.

Dealing with the discomfort


There are a number of ways to improve the quality of your life, despite Scoliosis. One of the most common and effective method is bracing. There are two types of braces available in the market, hard and soft. The technique prevents any further curving of the spine and is the best remedy for those who are still growing.

Physical therapy

Another common approach is physiotherapy. These include various exercise methods to deal with the progressing of the curve, thereby, eliminating the soreness.


However, those having extreme problem, can undergo Scoliosis surgery, but due to the risks involved in it, many prefer not to. 

Compound pharmacies

Compound pharmacies offer a myriad of solutions to deal with the soreness. The constant pain is the sign of chronic Scoliosis as it makes difficult to even rest. The approach helps the patient develop a routine of medications to relieve the discomfort. It includes the use of topical gels, over the counter medicines and even folk styled remedies.

Apart from these, you can use a hot pack technique to deal with the constant ache. The heat works to soothe the ace, calm the muscles and reduce stiffness in the area.

However, you can also use a cold compress if you think the discomfort is due to a strained muscle. Ice can reduce the swelling and inflammation in the area.

Make sure you do not indulge in any activity that may severe the discomfort.  Every remedy has different effects on the patients. While some find bracing effective, others feel physical therapy is the best. No matter what, make sure the problematic pain does not ruin your life.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A few facts about Scoliosis

Scoliosis is the one of the most dangerous spine mutation, wherein the spine is curved out of shape, usually curved side to side like an S or curved front to back like a C. It is easily recognized by doctors and patients due to the curve of the spine.  However, the reasons of the problem are still unknown; it may be by birth or get developed over the years as a side effect of an accident or a disease.

Kids are affected the most

The kids grow rapidly into adulthood. The growth often changes their physiology that might be one of the reasons of Scoliosis. So, therefore, the kids must be checked at least once a year for this condition. However, studies show that girls are one of the most affected by this problem. 

Usually, Scoliosis worsens during puberty. However, when a person reaches full growth, it is unlikely that Scoliosis will develop or will get worse. So, therefore, regular check up is of utmost importance, as the condition can occur at any time.

Importance of regular checkups

The child’s growth will be impeded due to the condition. It is because; the condition puts a lot of strain on the lungs and heart, leading to other problems.  Some children even lost their flexibility to move and become physically dependent. If the problem is caught at any early stage, the chances of it affecting the mobility become less.

On the other hand, these deformities can result in lopsided breasts in women, uneven legs or hips due to the curved shape of the spine. It may also lead to walking problems.


To detect whether there is any issue with the spine or not, the Scoliosis specialist may ask the patients to bend forward as if going to touch their toes.  This way they can easily gather whether the spine is straight or going side to side.

The front to back curvature is easy to notice. The specialist may suggest X-rays for further investigations.

If the problem is detected, there are two remedies for it. The most common one is wearing a brace. Corrective brace works well for children. It holds the back straight so that it can grow properly. However, it holds the curve to its position without worsening it.  The other way is surgery. However, there are many risks associated with it.

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