Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Exercises to be practiced to fix Kyphosis posture

Kyphosis is the spinal disorder that causes hunchback appearance over the spine. It is often observed a forward rounding that makes the back look extremely curved. Normally this abnormal curvature occurs due to the bad postures, changes in life style, lack of nutritional value in our body, neuromuscular disorders, injury, trauma, infection and many more. This spinal deformity can take place to any individual of any age. But most probably this disorder is more prone to attack females. However the treatment for Kyphosis depends upon different factors such as age, severity of disorder and amount of pain.

If the problem is not severe then it can be healed with some basic exercises and physical therapies but in case of unbearable pain and growing curvature, surgery is recommended by physicians. Here are few listing exercises that can be fruitful in curing minor kyphosis:

Ø Chest stretch:

This is the most common exercise practiced in treating kyphosis. This relieves the chest tightness and strengthens the upper back muscles giving you less hunchback look.  Remember to stretch your chest muscles and incorporate leg and back exercises into your routine.

Ø Weight exercises:

Performing straight arm lift, bench rows and pulls backs in sitting, standing and lying posture over the stomach aids to strengthen the postural muscles. The objective to perform this exercise is to stretch the tight muscles of the chest and strengthen the weak muscles of the back.

Ø Exercises with tubing:

These exercises act upon virtually every major muscle group of the body. This helps in keeping the back in strong position and also heals the soft tissue injuries.

Ø Foam rolling:

The foam rolling technique increases the spine mobility, decreases the muscle stiffness and improves the flexibility. Most of the doctors suggest the foam rolling exercise as the roller is used to press down the unaligned spine; this relieves the deep tension in muscle tissues.

Ø Wall exercises:

Performing exercises with wall improves the weakness in the muscles extending up to the spine as well as forward head posture. These are the safest exercises to perform and complete package solution for kyphosis back pain sufferers. 

These exercises when combined with right posture and chiropractic care may help improve the curved round upper back. They must be repeated at least three to four times a week to work towards greater quality of life and prevent kyphosis. You can have improved posture, heath, decreased angle of kyphosis, functional strength and overall well-being by incorporating these into your daily habits. 

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kyphosis- Early Detection and Treatments

Kyphosis is the abnormal alignment of spine that gives a hunched –over appearance. A minimal curvature to the neck is normal but kyphosis disorder causes the top of the back to appear more rounded than normal. The deformity tends the spine to curve in forward position which is quite noticeable. Mainly there are three types of Kyphosis that are Postural Kyphosis, Scheuermann’s Kyphosis and Congenital Kyphosis; the cause of this disorder depends upon these types of Kyphosis.

 This kind of unnatural curving of the spine can occur at any age to any individual, but most commonly this is found in case of older women. There are various causes that lead to Kyphosis:

1.     Any physical injury to spine
2.     Development of cancerous tumors
3.     Hereditary transfer
4.     Diseases that causes infections such as polio or tuberculosis
5.     Disc Degeneration
6.     Arthritis
7.     Poor posture due to overuse of computers and mobiles
8.     Osteoporosis and weak bones
9.     Neuromuscular conditions and metabolic problems

The back giving a hunched look sometimes does not cause any pain but in some cases it may cause severe pain, stiffness, tenderness in neck and spine. The easiest way to recognize Kyphosis is the round neck appearance. Apart from this there are many symptoms through which you can early detect the disorder and cure it instantly. 

1.     Difficulty in breathing
2.     Back pain in movement
3.     Muscle fatigue
4.     Loss of bowel and bladder control
5.     Weakness in legs
6.     Shooting pain in upper part of spine
7.     Numbness
8.     Difficulty in standing straight
9.     Stiffness and tenderness in spine
1.      Loss of sensation

If you encounter any of these symptoms, be alert and immediately consult a doctor before it is too late to catch this disorder. Doctors will perform physical examination and various kinds of tests may be advised such as nerve test, blood test, X-rays, MRI, CT and Bone Scans. The treatment of Kyphosis can be done depending upon different factors such as Age, Type of Disorder, and Severity. It can be treated with both non-surgical as well as surgical methods.

·        Spinal braces: Wearing the braces regularly and for longer period of time will stop the further unnatural growth of spine toward forward position.

·        Exercise and physical therapies: If some correct exercises are performed that targets more on back of the body and some physical therapies are taken then there is no more efficient way cure Kyphosis. This approach can be successful only in mild cases.

·        Vitamin D and calcium supplements: Calcium and vitamin D is considered to be boon for bones. Intake of these supplements will make the bones stronger and rigid.

·        Life style changes: Improving the sitting as well as standing posture, maintaining healthy diet and weight will aid a lot in curing Kyphosis. 

·        Surgery: If it is a severe case and patient undergoes unbearable pain then doctors suggests surgery. The idea behind surgery is to reduce the degree of curvature and relax the pinched nerves.

Due to bad habits of the modern lifestyle, Kyphosis is becoming a common disease for any age groups. It is essential to have routine checkups to ensure you encounter this disorder or not, because it is better to diagnose before it goes out of the hands. Get your check-up done by highly educated and professional doctors of Scoliosis GTA. We provide full range of treatment and diagnostic services for all kind of spine disorders. Call us today or request an appointment; we will help you identifying the right solution to your problem.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Understanding Scoliosis -Symptoms and Treatments

Scoliosis is an unnatural lateral curve of the spine. These curves make the person’s waist, hip, legs and shoulders uneven. It is basically the abnormal twisting and sideways curvature of the spine. When a person is viewed from the front or back, the spine appears to be twisted. There are different types of scoliosis that are caused depending upon various factors.

The Idiopathic scoliosis is one of the most common types of scoliosis. It may occur at any age and patients undergo no pain. This kind of disorder is usually undefined and exhibits a normal curve when viewed from side. It can be reversed and tackled early.

Neuromuscular Scoliosis is caused because the nerves and muscles are unable to maintain required balance and alignment of the spine and trunk. This can lead to seating problems.

Congenital Scoliosis is the sideways curvature of the spine that is caused by the defect that is present in birth. In most cases this disorder is not observed in children until they reach their adolescence.
Degenerative Scoliosis is developed because of degeneration in discs and joints. You may encounter the pain in legs or back.

Scoliosis is commonly not accompanied by pain; therefore, it is usually not noticed until the curvature becomes prominent. There are several common physical symptoms that may indicate scoliosis such as:

·         Uneven waist
·         Deformity in Rib cage
·         Shortness of breath
·         Problem encountered in respiratory system
·         Off-Centered positioning of head
·         One hip higher than other
·         Unaligned legs

There are many surgical and non-surgical treatments to cure scoliosis. The treatment depends upon the age, severity of curve, and location. If the curve is minor or just the beginning then it can be cured with non- surgical treatment such as medication, regular exercise or physical therapy but if it is severe one then surgery is required.

Physical Therapy includes necessary set of exercises that will help to lessen the progress of disorder. It is practiced to improve the circulation in the area and relax the muscles. General stretching exercises can improve the posture, flexibility and strain on the back.

Braces helps to control the further progression of the curve. If the victim is suffering from slight deviation in the spine and the bones are still growing then braces are suggested by doctors. Wearing a brace will not cure or reverse this disorder but it will prevent form further abnormal growth. These are worn day and night, the number of hours it is worn, more effective it tends to be.

Surgery is performed in case of severe cases, if the pain as well as deviation in spine tends to worsen. The use of wires, screws, metal rods or hooks is done to hold the upright position of the spine. The operation takes couple of hours and may take several days with restricted activities to perform. The basic idea behind surgery is to realign the curved vertebrate to develop a single solid bone.

Scoliosis can worsen the situation if left treated. If you are searching for the best scoliosis treatment, Contact Scoliosis GTA. We are dedicated to Scoliosis speciality and provide solid understanding of all type disorders. Our expert doctors have been specifically chosen to meet successful results with scoliosis patients. Scoliosis GTA offers free consultation. If you have any query regarding your problem or treatment, give us a Call and Book an appointment now.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

What Is the Cause of Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an unnatural  curve disorder that cause S or C shape bend along the spine from top to bottom. This bend is either towards the left or the right. The curvature may vary from being slight to severe. Slight bend may not cause a big issue but severe does. 
Most prone areas to scoliosis are the lower back and the chest area. It may lead to inappropriate functioning of lungs and chronic pain. This abnormal disorder can occur to any age individual from small child to mature one. Some carry this disorder genetically and  some from others factors such as bad postures or injuries. Females are at higher risk to this abnormal defect than males.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

·        Shortness of breath
·        Pain in back, shoulders, neck and buttock
·        Uneven waist
·        Asymmetry in shoulders
·        Shooting pain in legs (due to nerve pinching)
·        Rib cage deformity
·        Head slightly off centre
·        Difference in leg lengths

Most of the time, cause for scoliosis is not known. In many cases, Scoliosis curves are small and do not require any treatments. But people with larger curves may need to wear braces or pass through surgery to attain the natural posture. Especially in case of a child ,there is need to take care because their rapid growth can worsen the stage of scoliosis.

Below are the listed causes of scoliosis

1.     Genetic

This disorder tends to run in family. If anyone of the family member is suffering from this disorder than it is suggested to make a check-up done once for every individual of your family. It is better to catch the disease earlier than it is too late to cure.

2.     Injuries or infections to spine

Scoliosis can also be caused as a result of muscular imbalance due to physical injury. If this is not treated properly ,can lead to changes in shape of spine .

3.     Congenital

Congenital Scoilosis is caused by improper spinal formation in the unborn foetus, where the development of the vertebrae is incomplete. Even though congenital scoliosis is present at birth, it is sometimes impossible to see any spine problems until a child reaches adolescence.

4.     Neuromuscular Conditions

The another reason leading to this unnatural curvature is neuromuscular conditions. In this condition either the bones of the spine fails to form completely or they fail to separate from each other. The nerves and muscles are unable to maintain alignment of the spine and trunk.

5.     Bad postures or heavy backpacks

Bad posture leads to spine misalignment that can cause  scoliosis. Sleeping on your stomach with one leg up, lifting heavy bags on your shoulders, working with shoulders and pelvis facing in opposite direction and many more incorrect postures makes a form of unusual spine disorder.

Scoliosis  can be cured with routine checkups, braces, surgeries, medications and exercises. If you or any of your known are facing this disorder, don't give up. Contact ScoliosisGTA  to have a free- online consultation with one of our expert doctors. Our highly educated and professionally trained doctors works with the latest technologies. We urge you to ask specific questions in case of any doubts regarding our physicians and treatment. Call us today, to book your appointment.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Posture Support Brace-Why You Need It?

Are you suffering from the problem of bad posture? If yes, then you need to pay serious attention towards it. Bad posture can cause serious health problems. It starts building in early stage of life, but you never realize it until it assumes gigantic proportion. Some of the indications are keeping the head forward or twisted shoulders. You need to work on it to avoid big troubles in future. One of the ways to correct it is by using posture support brace.
Let’s have a look when and why you need it. 

How posture support brace corrects your posture? 

Using the posture support brace is very simple. You have to wear it like a vest. Because of its rigid back, it forces your back to go back in a proper position and holds your head straight. This rectifies your twisted shoulders and makes your back straight. Wearing it initially may seem uncomfortable as you are restricted to slouch and slide your posture; instead you are to sit erect. However, when you continue to wear it, you will get used to and see a drastic change in your body posture.

Ailments go away 

Why will your ailments eventually go away when you correct your posture? Well, the reason is obvious. When your posture is in good shape, you spinal column will be in its exact place. As a result many ailments will disappear with the correction of nerves in spine. If you have pain in the back or cervical area of your neck, posture brace will work effectively well.

Health issues suffered by people with bad posture

There are many health issues that are faced by the people who suffer from the problem of poor posture. Some of these are-
·        Issue with Sciatica nerve which travels down from hip to your leg.
·        Problem of high blood pressure
·        Headache, since proper flow of blood till the brain is restricted
·        Problem of GERD
·        Back pain and neck pain

Once you get comfortable with the posture brace, make sure you don’t get accustomed to it. The main purpose of the brace is just to support your posture. You don’t need to wear it continuously. It should be removed while sleeping and during exercise. Its excess usage can even ruin your posture muscles, thus deteriorating your posture.

If you are considering for dynamic corrective posture brace in Toronto, get in touch with Scoliosis GTA. Our Spine Cor brace will provide you relief from chronic aches and back pains, and can also provide spinal correction and improvement in spinal alignment. Call us today to talk to our experts.