Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Few worst complications people experience during scoliosis

Scoliosis is an unnatural spine disorder that restricts spinal cord from maintaining the upright position. This in turn creates an unlikely curvature to the spine that gives curvy looks to an individual. Scoliosis not only makes a bad effect from physical aspect but it too cuts down the confidence level of a sufferer and greatly affects their mental health. If this dreadful disorder is left untreated then it may cause severity that in turn can give rise to another health related problems. It is suggested to cure scoliosis at the very first phase you notice any deformity in your spine and if ignored can put you in worst condition. Here are several complications that people have faced during their scoliosis stage.

·        Cardiac dysfunction:

Many people have faced cardiac dysfunction issue due to scoliosis. The main reason behind this is imbalance in postures leads to breathing problem that constraint an individual to breathe in required amount of oxygen and this directly puts an extra stress on the heart and makes it difficult to pump blood throughout the body.

·        Poor lung functioning:

If scoliosis is more severe then it may promote to malfunctioning of lungs. This may cause infection in lungs, compression to tubes that carry air to lungs, chest pain, stunted lung growth and chances of pneumonia.

·        Chronic aches all over the body:

With the progression of scoliosis, a sufferer usually encounters shooting pain in neck, legs, hips, back, head and shoulders. Apart from chronic pains, scoliosis causes numbness and weakness in legs as well as loss of bladder and bowel control which is a big health concern.

·        Shrinking height and loss of balance:

In case of growing children, scoliosis obstructs development of height and causes loss of balance. This greatly influences the mental state of mind of a child and quality of their life causing issues with confidence and self image.

If anyone from your friends or family is facing such issues then guide them to have a scoliosis checkup. Want to gain effective and right treatment for scoliosis disorder? Contact us at Scoliosis GTA. Our crew of professional and highly trained doctors is expert in treating Scoliosis. Our spine physicians will guide you the right approach to correct the spine deformity. Book your appointment now or call us in case of any doubts.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Scoliosis brace- A valuable tool to cure unnatural curve

Lower back pain has become a common problem for most people these days. Desk jobs, sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity are the leading causes of it. One of the main reasons behind this lower back ache can be scoliosis. Scoliosis is basically an abnormal spine curvature that gives s or c shaped appearance to the spine. This disorder and pain may get severe if not treated on time. However there are many non-surgical and surgical treatments that can help relive from such kind of medical disorder. The type of treatment totally depends upon the severity of pain and age of the person.

Scoliosis brace falls under the category of non-surgical treatment. Bracing is the most common treatment that many of the doctors recommend. It helps to keep the spine aligned and helps the condition from getting worse. Braces are to be worn for long period and 24 hours a day. It might seem difficult but following this technique may lessen the chances of surgical treatment. A curve will most likely get smaller as it is being held in the brace. The effectiveness of bracing is measured through periodic check-ups and X-rays. Today with the advancement of technology, scoliosis brace is designed keeping in mind the comfort level of patient. Scoliosis brace comes with different designs and materials. Some of them are rigid or soft and some comes with attached neck ring or without neck ring. In fact, unique types of braces are made that can be easily worn at night. They are known as nighttime braces. These braces apply force to a bend and hold the spine in correct position even when a person is lying down. They are made up of soft material that does not hurt or irritate while you sleep.

In a nut shell the main idea behind braces is to push the curve toward midline. It works with spine and muscles to gradually change their incorrect position and bringing it back to the actual position over the time. Are you confused which kind of brace will be suitable for your disorder? Whether you need scoliosis brace treatment or not? To get all the answers of your questions or doubts, get in touch with ScoliosisGTA. We are provider of corrective brace to treat scoliosis. Our expert doctors will examine your problem and will suggest you wisely which treatment will be best for you needs. Call and book an appointment now or email us in case of any queries.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Tips to Find a Good Scoliosis Surgeon

Scoliosis is a term used to describe the sideways curvature of the spine. The spinal curve results in the miscommunication between your brain and muscles. If you think, you are suffering from this acute problem, you must not delay it longer as your daily activities and poor posture can accelerate its progression. While considering its surgery, you must follow some of the essential tips to select a right surgeon.  It will minimise the potential complications and give you a stress-free result.  Let’s have a look.   

Get to know surgeon’s qualifications and experience 

It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. So, when it comes to surgery, you should ask the surgeon how many times he has performed specific type of surgery. Make sure he has a steep learning curve and a sufficient amount of experience.   

Is he board certified?

Never forget to have a look at his certificates. He must be a member of large spine organizations such as the North American Spine Society or American Board of Spine Surgeons. This will ensure his reliability and instill a confidence about him in the mind of patients.  

Ask for the references

Ask for the references from your relatives or acquaintances who earlier had the specific surgery for the same diagnosis. Get to know about their views for that surgeon and if they were satisfied with his services or not.   With the multiple view points, you will get a balanced view and will be able to form a final decision. 

Get to know about surgeon’s practice

Another very important factor to consider is the number of year’s a surgeon has devoted for the practice. A continuous practice of years makes a person far more adept and current in newer surgical treatments as compared to those who practices occasionally.

A good surgeon will guide you, educate you, and assist you with the decision-making process. Before embarking with the surgery, he will make up your mind by explaining all the technicalities, risks, and the potential benefits associated with it.

We, at Scoliosis GTA have specialists who are certified experts in treating idiopathic scoliosis.  They will provide you relief from chronic aches and back pains, and can also provide spinal correction or improvement in spinal alignment. Call us today for a Corrective Approach to Scoliosis.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Diet and nutrition to prevent progression of scoliosis

There are several reasons that are linked to the complications of scoliosis disorder. This may include bad postures, injuries to spine, improper diet or lack of nutritional value that your body actually requires. Such factors can lead to abnormal curvature of spine that makes S or C shape appearance. To prevent further progression of this disorder good nutrition and proper diet should be followed. Several researches and studies have proven that nutritional deficiencies and lack of improved diet as well as supplements triggers scoliosis. It is necessary to educate yourself about the right diet and nutrition intake that are likely to improve this unnatural disorder. 

Nutrient rich diet: Children are more prone to risk of scoliosis as there body is still growing. It is necessary to that a child gets ample amount of nutrition during there growing phase. If it is not taken care of then there are great chances to growth of scoliosis that may get worse over short period of time. Hence there is a need to replace pro-inflammatory foods, low-fat dairy and chemical preservative foods from your diet to lower the risk of inflammation. 

Vitamin D: This is the popular nutrient that is well known for its properties. Consuming enough vitamin D in the diet does not impact scoliosis. This helps your body to absorb calcium which is the essential mineral that is helping in building body mass and minimizes the risk of bone loss.  

Vitamin E: Intake of Vitamin E as a daily dose helps in building string muscles that provides a support to the spine. Moreover it acts as antioxidant to the body by boosting the immune system and maintains healthy muscle tissues. 

Including nutrient dense diet to daily routine act as boon for kids and adults those who undergo scoliosis. Today people are more attracted towards junk and processed foods that in turn cause depletion of mandatory minerals to body and this is the biggest reason that leads to lost bone mass and weakened muscles. Few of the sources of such nutritious diet include fish, eggs, cereals, yogurt, broccoli, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, fresh fruits, vegetables, organic meats and many more. Regular intake of these minerals and nutrient packed foods will add lot of support for scoliosis sufferers. 

Hunting for corrective approach to scoliosis? Take a step towards Scoliosis GTA. We are specialists in handling all the spine disorders. Our expert doctors will suggest you the right treatment to your problem with appropriate diet and nutrition. Call us and book an appointment or leave us a message in case of any queries. We will be happy to serve you.