Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Thoracolumbar scoliosis- what can be its best cure?

Thoracolumbar scoliosis is one of the type of scoliosis that indicates the curvature of the spine where the highest point of curve resides in the portion between the lumbar regions and thoracic. This type of scoliosis is usually congenital which means that it forms during the third to sixth week in womb and is detectable at birth. The cases of this disorder are often diagnosed with a curve toward the right side and occur more in females as compared to males. Thoracolumbar scoliosis has several causes and symptoms that depend upon the cause and its severity.
In few cases, this disorder occurs due to weak muscles and poor muscle control or sometimes inherited from parents while in other cases, it occurs in women in pregnancy phase when physiological changes occur in body that fuse ribcage bones together that in turn pulls the thoracolumbar region and ultimately results in curvature to the spine. Few of the indications that reveal the signs of thoracolumbar scoliosis are, shift towards one side of body; lumbar curves more than 40 to 45 degree, major pain or rapid progression in deformity. There are several non surgical and surgical treatments to cure thoracolumbar scoliosis. Among them it is suggested to go for non-surgical treatment. Non surgical treatments are not only safe but they are cost effective too.
Today special kind of braces has been designed to cure scoliosis disorder. These are usually custom designed back braces that put pressure on curvature from different points to prevent its progression and helps the spine to return back to its original position. Braces come with adjustable bands that allow flexibility. To maximize the benefits of your braces, few factors should be taken into considerations:
  • To get quicker and effective results braces should be worn for maximum hours a day.
  • Make correct postures while sitting and sleeping as suggested by your doctor.
  • Conduct basic set of exercises to increase your back’s strength and flexibility.
  • Practice yoga postures and go for massage therapies.
However, the kind of brace also depends upon the different factors including the location of curve, its flexibility, position and degree of curve to the vertebrae and other medical conditions.
To get your thoracolumbar scoliosis cured with a corrective approach, contact Scoliosis GTA. We are providers of highly designed braces made especially to cure Scoliosis disorder. Our braces are so comfortable, adjustable and flexible that a person can wear it whole the day while engaging in their routine physical activities. If you have any queries, call or leave us a comment online. We are always there to help you.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Stay ahead of scoliosis curve following these dos and don’ts

Scoliosis is usually a spine deformity that gives abnormal curvature to the back. It manifests itself in a variety of ways, depending upon the location of the curve and the degree of curvature. Once the scoliosis disorder arises in a person, it progress continuously with the growing age and worsens if not treated on time. In most of the cases, scoliosis cause severe pain as well as difficulty in standing, sitting, moving and even lying. There are n numbers of reasons that may be a cause for scoliosis including poor diet and nutrition, bad postures, hereditary transfer, injuries or infection to spine or any neuromuscular disorder. However, there is nothing to worry about if any person from your family is suffering from Scoliosis.  You can definitely reverse the signs of spine deformity or prevent it for further progression by following few essential dos and don’ts.

Don’ts for Scoliosis

·        Don’t sleep on your stomach
·        Don’t run or walk long distances
·        Don’t lift heavy weights to your back
·        Don’t make poor postures while sitting or lying
·        Don’t wait for the scoliosis to get worsen
·        Don’t text continually
·        Don’t eat food loaded with chemical additives and preservatives

Dos for Scoliosis:

·        Do regular movement of the body
·        Do invest in quality pillows and mattresses
·        Do your checkups done regularly
·        Do low impact yoga
·        Do improve your core strength
·        Do intake healthy, nutritious and protein rich diet
·        Do wear comfortable shoes
·        Do sit on comfortable chairs at your workplace

Keeping all these points in mind you can beat scoliosis disorder from progressing it further and can have relief from its pain. Apart from this you must get your checkups done routine wise. Try to resolve this disorder with non-surgical approach. Don’t rely on surgical treatments as though they can be fruitful in curing scoliosis but at the same they give birth to several other disorders.

Get cost effective and powerful bracing treatment for Scoliosis from Scoliosis GTA. Book your appointment and get your check up done by our professional doctors. They will measure your curve carefully and will suggest you which treatment will best suit your needs. We believe in providing non surgical treatments to our clients that includes braces. The braces we provide are highly designed keeping in mind the comfortable zone of patient and they work effectively by providing support to the spine and help it to stand in upright position. For further information, just email or ring us a call. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Pregnancy risks and complications due to scoliosis

Pregnancy is the most exciting phase of women’s life and every woman eagerly waits to enjoy this period. But, unfortunately women facing scoliosis disorder are unable to enjoy their pregnancy stage. They are often filled with anxiety of pregnancy complications. In fact, many wonder if they can get pregnant or not. The word pregnancy is simply joined with several complications and risks and especially many women suffering scoliosis fears fertility problems and birth defects. Here are few listed complications that may arise to a woman while she is expected and suffers scoliosis:

·        Severe back pain:

Back pain during pregnancy is a common issue but if the woman is suffering from scoliosis she may encounter more chronic lower and upper back ache. 

·        Heart strokes:

Scoliosis causes restriction of lung size that ultimately results in inadequate supply of oxygen which may cause heart strain to the mother.

·        Birth defect:

About 30-40% people with scoliosis have family members with the same condition. It is basically a hereditary or its evolution depends on the baby’s gender.  Hence, there are greater chances that child can adapt this disorder from mother womb and can born with spine deformity.

·        Breathing issues:

Expectant mothers rapidly gains weight with the headway in pregnancy stage. Due to thoracic scoliosis that affects the middle spine aids the growing uterus to exert pressure on the diaphragm making it difficult for mother to breathe. 

·        Delivery complications:

There are also higher risks of needing to induce labor or c-section delivery to women with scoliosis. However, this totally depends upon the severity of the spine curve. 

·        Can worsen after pregnancy:

Mother may have pronounced hips, legs and shooting back ache. Moreover, the curve may get worsen over the time if she consistently lifts the baby on one side of her body.
The best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy is to have right diet, nutrition, exercises and non- surgical treatment to cure scoliosis. There are unlimited drawbacks of scoliosis surgical treatments that may bring tons of complications in pregnancy. Therefore, it is suggested to practice non-surgical treatment for this disorder. Among all, bracing is the proven treatment that is both natural and cost-effective solution for this abnormal disorder. Contact Scoliosis GTA, Our scoliosis specialists will monitor your curve during pregnancy and will provide you correct braces depending upon the severity of the cause. Our braces are designed keeping in mind the comfort level of an individual. Book your appointments now or leave us a message for further information.