Friday, 15 September 2017

Benefits of scoliosis bracing in adults and adolescents

Lower back pain has become a common problem these days. Our sedentary lifestyle is occupied with desk jobs and other activities which are gnawing our body, gradually. One major reason behind these chronic back and neck aches is scoliosis.

Scoliosis is the sideways curvature of the spine which makes it s or c shaped in appearance. This problem can become chronic if not cured at the right time. There are a lot of surgical and non surgical treatments available for this trouble, but one which turns out to the best is Scoliosis bracing.

The best part about scoliosis bracing is that is a non surgical form of. It is one such cure which is commonly recommended by doctors, especially for kids and elderly people. Taking into consideration this process for healing your problem is the most ideal decision you can ever make. Below mentioned are points which depict the benefits of scoliosis bracing:

Brings relaxation to your body parts:

People suffering from scoliosis deal with major appearance issues because their shape of body becomes crooked due to the sideways curvature of the spine. Taking into account a scoliosis brace is beneficial since it aligns neck, shoulders and hips the way they should be. This process will also cause a positive change in your breathing habits and bring great relaxation to your ligaments and tendons.

Major relief from back and neck pains:

Scoliosis causes major neck and back-ache issues. In some cases, it is less whereas in others it might be acute.  The first reason why people opt for scoliosis bracing is because it brings about a major relief. Lower back pains can be drastic if you do not cure it, timely. They might also lead to you to situations where you go sleepless and also find problem when trying to sit or stand. Therefore, scoliosis bracing is just right if you want to get rid of your pains.

Improves your appearance:

Mostly, the main problem with scoliosis is that it ruins your appearance. Since there is a sideways curvature of the spine, your body does not look straight and aligned. However, bracing is just ideal if you look forward to improving your appearance as soon as possible.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Kyphosis and Important Information Associated With It

You might have heard the term Kyphosis, but may not know clearly about it. It is a condition that characterizes a curved spine causing the neck to fall down. This gives your back a rounded appearance. Now a day increasing cases of Kyphosis are being heard. This accounts to the modern day lifestyle where people spent maximum time sitting in front of the computer with a hump back. Such a posture has a detrimental effect on your spine. Let us get acquaint with some important information associated with Kyphosis.


Such a disorder can further be classified in two types- Postural Kyphosis and Structural Kyphosis. If we talk of postural Kyphosis, then we’ll come to know that it is a less severe condition that a person can get rid off easily. Such a mild problem can be easily corrected with a brace or if a person makes conscious effort to do exercises as recommended by doctor.

On the other hand, structural Kyphosis is a severe condition that requires anti-inflammatory medical intervention. Such a problem affects bones, ligaments and muscles of spine.

Causes of Kyphosis 

The cause of this disorder depends upon the type of Kyphosis you are suffering from. Some of the reasons that attribute to this problem include- 

§  Poor posture
§  Arthritis
§  Disc generation
§  Osteoporosis
§  Hereditary Transfers
§  Disease of any type of fracture that can damage vertebrae
§  Any injury to spine

Some people suffer from Kyphosis by birth which is referred as congenital Kyphosis. Whereas, in some people it develops over time when the front of the spine doesn’t grow in accordance with the back of the spine.

When the need of Surgery arises? 

If the curve is progressing rapidly and has achieved curve greater than 70 degrees, the physician recommends you surgery. You are left with only option of surgery because the intense pain you are suffering from can’t be alleviated with medications.

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