Thursday, 23 March 2017

Beat scoliosis following three simple ways

Scoliosis is a side curvature of the spine that instead of growing straight tends towards either left or right giving an S or C shaped look to the spine. There can be number of reasons that lead to scoliosis but most of the times it is not visible and grows without even giving a hint. A sufferer get notified about this dreadful disorder when he or she experience shooting pain in back, shoulders, legs, breathing issues and finds unevenness in shoulders and waist height. Since every person’s spine is little different so there is no way to define how scoliosis will progress and appear in a particular individual. The curve and pain in each case varies and the onset of this condition can happen between infancy and adolescence. Though scoliosis differs in each case but still it can cured following common ways.  
  • Improve posture:
Bad posture is one of the main leading factors that cause scoliosis. Your posture when sitting, standing, sleeping and even walking can have great impact on your spine over the course of time. These bad postures puts excess strain on the spine, causes back ache and can lead to scoliosis.
  • Have nutritious diet:
Nutritious diet too plays an important role in alleviating the symptoms of scoliosis. Nutrient rich foods help relax back muscles and releases chronic contraction in nerves and muscles linked to spine. This is why it is important to optimize your diet holistically to treat scoliosis.
  • Follow braces treatment:
Scoliosis braces comes with different sizes and designs each of them solving this deformity at different angles. Bracing is a perfect treatment to treat those tilted spines, holding them in upright position and getting them back to the original position without undergoing any pain or mess.
Scoliosis GTA provides modern variety and specifically designed braces that are much sleeker and lighter to wear. Get yourself diagnosed today from our professional doctors if you experience any single symptom of having scoliosis. Our highly experienced doctors will scrutinize the cause well and will provide you best brace as per your need. To schedule your appointment now, call us at 905.868.9090 or leave us a message online.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Scrutinize Scoliosis in your child-what all should be examined?

Although Scoliosis is not extremely common condition seen in children but still it does not means that your child cannot get trapped in this disorder. It has been observed that in most of cases scoliosis is not visible but it progressively increase over the passage of time. It is essential to screen this disorder in your child carefully and if in case you find something unnatural to spine, consult your physician soon before it is too late to cure.
To recognize scoliosis, it is essential to understand different cause for scoliosis.

·        Congenital scoliosis:

This type of scoliosis occurs when spine does not develop properly in womb, it is present at the birth and commonly diagnosed at young age. It is often caused by failure of vertebrae to form normally, absence or partially formed vertebrae or lack of separation of vertebrae.

·        Neuromuscular scoliosis:

If a child is undergoing any neurological disease like cerebral palsy, spinal cord trauma, paralytic conditions, muscular dystrophy or spina bifida, there are more likely chances to have scoliosis.

·        Idiopathic Scoliosis:

Cause of this type of scoliosis is often unknown. This type of scoliosis varies according to three different age groups in a child. The very first type known as Infantile occurs from birth to age 3. Second is termed as juvenile that occurs in children between age 3 to 10 and third one is known to be adolescent appearing between ages 10 to 18.

If you observe any of the following symptoms in your child, simply understand your child is undergoing scoliosis:-

Ø Difference in hip height and position
Ø Difference in shoulder blade height and position
Ø Head is not centered directly over the pelvis
Ø Uneven waist
Ø Body seems to lean on one side
Ø Lump or hump on one side of the back

Apart from all, if child suffers from back pain, leg pain, changes in bowel and bladder habits, he must be taken for immediate medical evaluation by physician.

There are numerous treatments to cure scoliosis including physical exercises, non-massive bracing treatments and surgery. However, scoliosis can be easily cured in case of children without undergoing any surgical treatment. Bracing is the best way to treat child scoliosis this is because scoliosis is just in growing form in case of a child and it can prevented from further progression using correct braces. The type of brace and amount of time spent in the brace will depend on the child’s condition.  

Learning your child has scoliosis is a tough concept to wrap your mind around. Inspect carefully if your child is suffering from scoliosis. Don’t delay to treat it early as if left untreated it can cause further risk to lungs and heart functioning. If still you are unable to diagnose by yourself, get it checked by expert physicians of Scoliosis GTA. Make your appointments now and get free consultation. We specialise in providing corrective braces both child and adults scoliosis patients. For more information, ring a call or email us. We are always there to help you.