Thursday, 20 April 2017

Scoliosis exercises- Perfect solution to get rid –off in a natural way

There are several alternatives to cure Scoliosis including surgery, medicinal treatment, bracing, physical exercises and lot more. Among all, physical exercises combined with bracing treatment are rated the best alternative to kick-off this spine deformity. An exercise therapy for scoliosis deserves some merit because they aim to correct the cause by retraining the body instead of forcing it to be straighter. Exercises for scoliosis attempt to restore better muscle tone, promote healthy spinal curvature, improves the core strength and provides symptomatic relief. These are the most powerful and effective exercises that helps cutting down the shooting pains popping out from different parts of body especially the neck and the back area. 

Let’s have a look on few exercises that are targeted toward people with Scoliosis:

·        Bird Dog:

Position yourself on both hand and knee position. Next raise one leg to the table top position and stretch opposite arm to front, hold for few seconds and switch to another side. Repeat this for few sets and until you achieve the stability. Performing this exercise, the erector spine gets stretched with the entire length of spine and aids in maintaining correct posture.

·        Hip rolling:

Lie down back on the back, extend your arms to the sides, bend your knees towards the left and ensure your feet are flat to the ground. Make the same posture to the opposite side and repeat the same for few sets. This exercise will strengthen both the hip and spine as well as lower the pain in these areas.

·        Plank:

Lie down facing the ground, bend your elbows and support your body with your toes. Now squeeze your abs in, pause for few seconds and constantly make a breathe in-out circle. Repeat this exercise for few steps. This will help you strengthen your core muscles. 

·        Stretch up and reach down:

Stand with your back against the wall, lift up your left arm so that its pin pointing towards straight to the ceiling. At the same time reach the floor with the right hand. Hold your stretch for few seconds and repeat the same to the opposite position.
These exercises will be effective only if practiced on daily basis and clubbed with bracing treatment. Where bracing treatment will help maintaining the upright position of the spine and on the other side these exercises will help prevent further progression of scoliosis. 

Get your check-up done by the expert doctors of Scoliosis GTA. Our team of highly experienced and trained physicians will scrutinize your deformity in detail, will advice you the best exercises and brace according to your severity of cause. We provide different types of unique braces specifically designed to provide best solution for every degree of scoliosis curve. To schedule an appointment with us call us at 905.868.9090 or leave us a message online. We are always available at your service.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Spinecor Brace- An Effective Way to Correct Scoliosis in Children and Adults

Spinecor brace is a non-surgical way to treat scoliosis in children as well as adults. However to ensure the success of the bracing treatment, you need to consider some of the essential things. Let’s have a look. 

1.     The correct type of brace should be fitted to rectify the specific type of scoliosis. 
2.     The brace should be fitted by a competent and professional provider.
3.     It should be worn as recommended by the specialist.

When SpineCor brace is recommended? 

Bracing is an effective way to stop the progression of high-risk curves so that a patient doesn’t reaches the stage of scoliosis surgery. Spine Cor is recommended in the situation when the curves are mild and moderate. You must bear in mind that brace will not rectify the pre-existing curve, but it will surely put a halt on it from worsening.

Before recommending bracing, doctors pay attention to following thing- 

·        Rigidity of the curve 
·        Location of the curve
·        Severity of the curve

Depending upon the above factors, scoliosis surgeon suggests the type of brace. These are plastic braces (rigid braces) and soft elastic braces (dynamic braces). Considering all the key details and medical condition of the patients, the particular brace treatment is selected.

SpineCor Brace 

The modern form of brace is SpineCor Brace. It is completely different from traditional braces and works according to the dynamic principles. If you are looking for bracing treatment, you can consider this brace. It not only holds your spine in place but also change its position over time. Let’s get acquaint with some of its key benefits.  

Ø Being a comfortable approach, you can wear it with ease for longer duration.
Ø It doesn’t allow the muscles to get weaken over the time.
Ø The brace is rarely visible under the clothes.
Ø It is an effective way to treat different type of scoliosis such as idiopathic scoliosis, congenital scoliosis, and adult scoliosis.

If you are considering a corrective approach to Scoliosis in Mississauga, book an appointment with Scoliosis GTA. We are one of the well-acclaimed providers of corrective braces for scoliosis.  We have specialists trained in offering flawless brace treatment. Both children as well as adults can benefit from our treatment. In children, the SpineCor brace has been proven to correct scoliotic deformities, and prevent many patients from needing spinal fusion surgery. In adults the Spine Cor brace can provide relief from chronic aches and back pains, and can also provide spinal correction and improvement in spinal alignment.  Get in touch with us for professional assistance. We will provide you the best.