Thursday, 18 May 2017

All you need to know about adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Idiopathic scoliosis is often caused by a combination of genetic per-disposition and the environmental influences. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is the most common type of idiopathic scoliosis that typically affects children of at least 10 year age. The term adolescent simply means the person is not simply mature and is still growing, whereas the term idiopathic defines an unknown cause.  Adolescent scoliosis usually reflects its onset in the ages of 10 to 18 years. This type of scoliosis affects both boys and girls but is much more common in girls and becomes apparent during the adolescent growth spurt.


As discussed earlier, the cause of adolescent scoliosis is unknown due to which the small curves at age of 10 often gets unnoticed by children and their parents and the spine deformity worsens over the time. There are several causes that lead to adolescent scoliosis including hormonal imbalance, asymmetric growth, muscle imbalance. As per the research it has been found that about 30% of adolescent patients carries some family history of scoliosis that means genetic connection is the another reason that leads to adolescent scoliosis. 


·        Prominence of ribs on one side
·        Uneven waistline
·        Titled, uneven shoulders
·        Lower back pain


Adolescent scoliosis is usually non-painful.  The treatment recommendations are dependent on the size of the curve as well the age. There’s a simple logic behind, the greater the magnitude of the deformity and younger the child, more will be the chance of curve progression. However, if the curve tends to be in 25 to 35 degree of range or less than that, bracing is the best solution at this point. 

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Treating Scoliosis- Everything You Want to Know About It

Scoliosis is said to be an abnormal curvature in the spine that causes deformities. It can be of varied types like idiopathic scoliosis, congenital scoliosis, and degenerative scoliosis. With the advancement in technology, there are lot of treatments that have been evolved.  Let’s get acquaint with some of them.

Children are affected more as there are high chances of scoliosis when the body is growing and that is during adolescence. If the condition is diagnosed early, the damage can be prevented at the onset. Otherwise it can cause serious health issues.


When the curvature of the spine is between 10 degrees and 25 degrees, it is considered as mild scoliosis. It requires deep observation of few months and daily exercises as prescribed by doctor.  


After few months, doctors take the X-ray of the spine to see if the curve is progressing or not. However, if the curve is progressing at a rapid speed, the next step is bracing treatment to put a further halt on progression of curve. It can be a condition when curvature is at least 25 degrees. It is mostly required during adolescence when an adolescent has still some growth left.


If the curve is greater than 40-45 degrees, it is considered as severe curve. It can often result in pain and discomfort. The only treatment to this problem is surgery. To help the spine achieve the stability, an artificial bone is inserted between the vertebrae. It limits the movement and prevents the further damage to the spine.

Non-surgical procedures

Sometimes non-surgical methods play a great role in rectifying the curves. Many people have claimed to be benefited from yoga, physical exercises, and a good diet. It rectifies the existing curve and prevents it from growing.

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Why relying on scoliosis spinal surgery is a risky task

Scoliosis is a condition that causes spine to abnormally curve side to side and possibly rotate. This is a serious spine deformity that can become a reason to several health ailments with growing age. However, this spine deformity can be cured using alternative treatments. The world of scoliosis treatment is advancing rapidly with each increasing day due to the breakthroughs in the field of prognostic testing and early stage of scoliosis intervention. One of the most popularly known scoliosis treatment is Spinal fusion surgery. This treatment is highly recommended by several doctors because they see this as a quick and simple way to treat the problem.

However, scoliosis surgery is an invasive treatment and is quite a risk loaded procedure that sometimes leaves the patient in worse state than they were before. If you are a scoliosis sufferer then relying on surgery would be a wrong decision especially if in case it is not a major one.  Lets us understand the risks behind the scoliosis spine surgery.

·        Scoliosis surgery can lead to chronic pain in long run.
·        The physiological heath status is significantly impaired.
·        There is a lot of muscle stripping and exposed area during the surgery which can lead to excessive blood loss.
·        The other devastating complication that can pop due to scoliosis surgery is Paraplegia, which means loss of movement and feeling in lower body.
·        Additional complications that may be associated with scoliosis surgery includes loss of proper spinal balance, nerve damage, strain on un-fused vertebrae, Infection and inflammation, neurological damage, bowel and bladder problems and increased torso deformity. 

However, the outcome result of the surgery treatment varies from person to person and their severity of cause. To avoid all these problems, the best way to treat the scoliosis cause is through bracing treatment. Bracing is the non- surgical treatment that don’t cause any pain or give rise to such chronic health ailments. It helps to hold the spine in an upright position and help it getting back to its normal place.

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