Thursday, 24 November 2016

Posture Support Brace-Why You Need It?

Are you suffering from the problem of bad posture? If yes, then you need to pay serious attention towards it. Bad posture can cause serious health problems. It starts building in early stage of life, but you never realize it until it assumes gigantic proportion. Some of the indications are keeping the head forward or twisted shoulders. You need to work on it to avoid big troubles in future. One of the ways to correct it is by using posture support brace.
Let’s have a look when and why you need it. 

How posture support brace corrects your posture? 

Using the posture support brace is very simple. You have to wear it like a vest. Because of its rigid back, it forces your back to go back in a proper position and holds your head straight. This rectifies your twisted shoulders and makes your back straight. Wearing it initially may seem uncomfortable as you are restricted to slouch and slide your posture; instead you are to sit erect. However, when you continue to wear it, you will get used to and see a drastic change in your body posture.

Ailments go away 

Why will your ailments eventually go away when you correct your posture? Well, the reason is obvious. When your posture is in good shape, you spinal column will be in its exact place. As a result many ailments will disappear with the correction of nerves in spine. If you have pain in the back or cervical area of your neck, posture brace will work effectively well.

Health issues suffered by people with bad posture

There are many health issues that are faced by the people who suffer from the problem of poor posture. Some of these are-
·        Issue with Sciatica nerve which travels down from hip to your leg.
·        Problem of high blood pressure
·        Headache, since proper flow of blood till the brain is restricted
·        Problem of GERD
·        Back pain and neck pain

Once you get comfortable with the posture brace, make sure you don’t get accustomed to it. The main purpose of the brace is just to support your posture. You don’t need to wear it continuously. It should be removed while sleeping and during exercise. Its excess usage can even ruin your posture muscles, thus deteriorating your posture.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Effective Ways to Treat Scoliosis in Adults

Scoliosis is a term that is used to describe the abnormal and sideways curvature of the spine. Normal spine is straight from the back, but when scoliosis occurs, spine can curve in number of ways. As a result of this, back pain is caused. The treatment is aimed to provide relief from back pain.
Let’s have a look at some of the effective ways to treat scoliosis in adults.


Patients suffering from mild scoliosis can be cured through medication. Painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol are recommended during the initial stage. If the problem is severe, then specialist may prescribe stronger painkillers. For quick action, local anaesthetic may be injected into your back to relieve pain in your spine and eliminate any inflammation in your back.


Exercise is another way to relieve back pain and improve your posture and flexibility. It will reduce the strain from your back and maintain your body weight. Exercises involved in physical therapy program can provide a strengthening and stretching routine that would keep the soft tissues and joints limber.


Braces are considered an alternative to surgery. They are recommended to eliminate motion in the back. However, purpose of brace is different for idiopathic scoliosis who are required to wear the brace for 18 hours a day to stop the formation of curvature. Thus, braces will help you to get relief from pain so that you can perform daily activities.


If the spine curvature is progressing at gigantic proportions, surgery is recommended. There are two types of surgery- Decompression Surgery and Spinal Fusion Surgery. The former one aims to remove disc or bone if it is pressing down on a nerve. While the latter one’s goal is to improve the position of the spine using metal rods, plates and screws before being fused into place using bone grafts.

Depending upon the intensity of the Scoliosis, the befitted treatment method can be used to treat the same. You will notice a considerable improvement in the shape of the spine as a way of helping with back and leg pains.

If you are considering a Corrective Approach to Scoliosis in Toronto, book an appointment with Scoliosis GTA. Our various types of treatments will surely provide you relief from mild pains, chronic aches and back pains. You can also get a spinal correction and experience an improvement in spinal alignment. Call us today