Friday, 11 August 2017

Scoliosis and Treatment to Manage Its Pain

Scoliosis is termed as a condition which involves deformity in the spine. Normally, the bones that make up the spine stand absolutely straight thus giving an erect look to your back. During scoliosis, the vertebrae either tilts right or left thus forming a curve in the form of C or S.  Sometimes, the degree of the curve is minor. In such cases, there are other symptoms that make you realize that you suffer from scoliosis. These are- 

§  Severe back and neck pain
§  Postural problems
§  Neck/Shoulder pain
§  Different shoulder heights

Once you are a diagnosed with Scoliosis, you need to consult an expert so that he could suggest you an appropriate treatment. The method of treatment depends upon the severity of the scoliosis disorder. There are number of options available. Let’s have a look.   

§  Spine Cor Brace- If the spine curve is moderate that is between 20-25 degrees, it can be easily corrected with spine Cor brace. It is an effective way of improving spine alignment and posture too. It realigns the spine and put a halt on further progression. 

§  Chiropractic treatment- Availing chiropractic treatment is another way of correcting scoliosis. It is considered as a reasonable form of medical care. Being a non-invasive form of treatment, it results in total correction of spine with an improved quality of life.

§  Natural pain relief measures- If the pain is not so intense, you can manage the discomfort by opting natural pain relief methods which includes yoga exercises, physical therapy, stretching, relaxation techniques, and a lot more

§  Surgery- Spinal surgery is the last resort when all the other methods fail to prove their worth. In this, artificial bone is inserted to give your spine stability. It prevents the further curvature of the spine and eliminates the existing pain. This is recommended by physician in case of severe curvatures only.   

Are you diagnosed with a scoliosis? If yes, then get in touch with Scoliosis GTA. Our specialists will carefully scrutinize a patient’s body and suggest a perfect treatment so as to introduce mobility in his body and help him to become independent. For a corrective approach to Scoliosis, give us a call on 905-868-9090. You can even email us on for your queries. We assure you a speedy recovery.

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